Bone Broth in the Instant Pot

My toddlers go through a roasted chicken or two a week, and I like to use the leftover chicken to make a bone broth to keep handy for drinking alone or to use in soups and other future dishes. I simply buy the organic roasted chickens at the grocery store and once the meat has been eaten, I toss it in the Instant Pot with whatever scraps of veggies I have in the refrigerator along with a dash of apple cider vinegar. The process takes maybe 5 minutes of active time total and you’re left with a rich bone broth.


To make a simple bone broth you will need:

  • one roasted chicken carcass
  •  1-2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • 1 onion
  • 1 carrot

optional ingredients- I just add whatever I have here:

  • some herbs, fresh or dried (I used a small bunch of thyme here)
  • 1-2 bay leaves
  • 1 potato or 1/2 sweet potato, parsnip etc.
  • any veggie scraps that you have in the fridge left over from cooking
  • 2″ fresh ginger
  • 1/2 a lemon

Place all items in the Instant Pot liner and cover with warm water.


Make sure to keep the water under the max line that is printed on the inside of the stainless steel liner:


 Close and img_3581lock the lid and press the Soup button and then the + button until your display reads 120. Now your Instant Pot will come up to pressure, which could take as long as 30 minutes since it is so full, and then it will count down from 120 until it reaches 0, at which point it will stay warm and very slowly release pressure on its own. This is called Natural Release (NR). If you were to release the pressure valve on the top and get that strong stream of pressure coming out of the pot enabling you to open it more quickly, this would be called a Quick Release, or QR.

Now I get a colander inside of another pot lined up to strain the broth quickly:


Then I open the instant pot once the pressure has fallen and the latch will work and strain the broth. Here is my finished product, which I then spoon into freezer bags of 2 cups each and label them (if I’m not going to make a soup with it or drink it straight away!).



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